A few notes from my master:

Back in the early 80s, my brother found a stray (maybe?) cat out at town, and he brought it home. It was a manx, and it was evidently very close to being pure bred. Muffin/Spike (we called it both) managed to live up until around 92-93, and she had many many kittens over that period of time. Because of her manx pureness, we are still getting lots of cats that don't have tails, or only have small stubs where a normal cat has a tail. So, there's the background on the story. Since I recently moved out of the dorms and into my own trailer, I decided that I wanted to get a kitty cat. Enter Scratchy.

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Scratchy was born in early to mid April (1995) (I have declared his birthday to be April 15th), and had 3 or 4 siblings. I caught him one day in late May, and I've kept him around ever since. He has taken very well to the litter box and is a pretty good little kitty. There for a little while I tried to train him to use the toilet using this nifty little plastic insert that I had bought, but that hasn't worked very well. He managed to lose his front claws in October of '95, and he has truly calmed down since then. In fact, he is a completely different kitty cat. Now he acts much more like I would expect a cat to act. He lays around alot, and expects to be petted all the time. He still isn't too awfully friendly. A bit of advice if you are looking into getting a kitty cat: get one that has been handled from the time it was born. Scratch hadn't been handled by humans at all until he was captured by me (at the age of six weeks or so), and it really shows in his friendliness.

One thing that I have discovered that Scratchy absolutely LOVES is a laser pointer. He is addicted to the thing!

Another cat joined the clan. The new one, Stuart, was born on May 3, 1998. He actually joined the household on June 14, 1998. Stu was his real name, which was actually spelled S2, which was short for "Sylvestor 2". There was a cat named Sylvestor before that. Stuart left the household and it has just been Scratchy ever since.

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