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Financial Stuff

Quote Com: Ticker Symbol(s):

o Networth Investing homepage.
o Networth Investing Stock Quote server homepage.
o NAIC Investment club homepage.
o Stock Smart homepage.
o Fidelity Investments homepage.
o Foolish investing.
o CNN Financial Network
o Article on Stocks
o homepage.
o Research: homepage.
o Wall Street Research Net homepage. They have a great QuickSearch .
o InvestorsEdge.
o Investorama
o Search Edgar SEC database
o IPO Central homepage.
o Investor Guide
o H&Q's iWord

Fan pages

o Amy Grant's homepage.
o Toyota!
o Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
o Kelley Blue Book Automobile Pricing Guide

Internet Related Stuff

Altavista (search page)
Search and Display the Results
o A list of awesome sites.
o Free Services on the Net
o Web Graphics stuff

Some people I know

Scott Drumm's homepage.
o Michelle Gower's homepage.
o Jason James' homepage.
o Bradley Smull's homepage.
o Brian Wibbenmeyer's homepage.
o Six Degrees - We are all Connected


Pricewatch. Cheapest prices on the net
o The International Obfuscated C Code Contest homepage.
o Onsale Auction Service
o E-Bay Auction Service
o TV listings (click on your part of the nation)
o BMG CD club.
o UMR's homepage.
o Pretty nifty on-line map.
o Disney's homepage.
o National park pictures
o Lands' End
o Current weather forecast for here in Rolla.
o Everything you never wanted to know about your toilet
o Get stuff for just reading email.

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