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Coroner's Jury Duty: Case 1 and 2

In May 2005, I served on a Coroner's Jury. Details about the cases are given below and the main page describes more about the coroner's jury process.

Case 1:

The only witness was responding officer.

A lady was found dead in her trailer about 6pm. COD was asphyxia due to hanging. She was found with a dog's leash wrapped around her neck attached to a ceiling fan. She was on antidepressants and anti-epileptic medicines. Doses were in the therapeutic to high therapeutic range. A friend had come to check on her and discovered the body. She had had previous suicide attempts. She had divorced in early 2005 and had had a failed relationship following that. The trailer that she was living in belonged to a friend, who had sold it one week earlier and she had gotten a notice that she had to move out within two weeks. And, she had been fired from her job that morning at 10am.

Also, upon inspection of the house, the officer discovered two dog leashes that were tied around the shower head in the bathroom. The shower head had literally been pulled out of the wall, presumably by her weight as she attempted to hang herself.

We retired to our deliberation room and little discussion was needed.

Manner of death: SUICIDE

Case 2:

The only witness was the responding officer.

A 22 year old man died around 11pm at Carle hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest. His body did not test positive for drugs or alcohol. Apparently him and friend were walking down the sidewalk. A vehicle drove up to them and words were exchanged. The vehicle then drove to the end of the street, turned around, came back, and the single occupant of the vehicle shot the deceased in the chest. The vehicle's occupant has since been arrested and is awaiting trial for first degree murder.

We retired to our deliberation room and little discussion was needed.

Manner of death: HOMICIDE

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