Some people just won't listen. Oh well..

Actually, I'm doing a study on people. I've noticed that human nature just makes us want to do things we are told to not do. So, thanks for contributing to the study! If you want to, you can drop me some mail!

At any rate, DO NOT CLICK HERE! I AM WARNING YOU IN A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG WAY TO NOT CLICK HERE. SO DON'T DO IT! I am ABSOLUTELY not responsible for anything that happens if you click on this link.

Here's a response I received from someone that DID click there (profanity alert).

What the hell you think your doing with that little link that XXXXXX'X XX
XXXXXXXX, you think your funny you button pushing little geek. Im trying
to do a reserch topic here and how your little name got on a list of
"toga" topics i dont know but your little toy there just XXXX XXX XX
XXXXX XXXXX XXX XX XXXX. You want to drop you a line, well heres what i
think off you and your little trap thing you pathatic dork, screw off

Here's another response I received from someone in Singapore.

What a stupid person U are. Come on, stop the button pushing fad NOW.
This is stupid!!

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